Keramas Beach Vacation

The Keramas beach on the island of Bali offer what every pristine and natural beach vacation should, beautiful surrounding, fine accommodation and also some gourmet dining though you must drive for several minutes to get to the nearest restaurants but it all worthed. The beach nestled around 20 minutes to the east from the city of Denpasar, 10 minutes from Sanur beach. The beach currently becoming one of the destination spot for surfing activities. Keramas beach offers waves suitable for surfing and also wide black sandy beach for many beach activities.

The accommodation in Keramas beach in form of private villas which available on the beach and just within walking distances from the beach. Others accommodation such as bungalows are also available. There are many difffrent things to do here beside beach walking, surfing, beach combing, you can visit traditional villages of Keramas or Saba village nearby. You can also cycling around the rice paddy fields through scenic view of Keramas village. On Keramas beach there is a beach club which serve varioud kind of food, drinks and also has beachfrotn swimming pools where you can just relaxed or even having a massage.

Quiet Keramas beach

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One of the private villas near from Keramas beach is the Majapahit beach villas which located around 5 minutes from Keramas beach. The villas divided into four villas which each one being on the ocean side. Each villa is a two storey villa which has three bedrooms and completed with tropical garden, large swimming pool and other furnishings and amenities. Majapahit is both a trend setter and a delicious treat for those looking for something different.

You can dine in several restaurants and bars that range from fine dining to casual meals. The one in Keramas beach is Komune beach club which located infront of Keramas beach. Other restaurants can be found around Sanur area which located arund 10 to 15 minutes away from Keramas beach. If you are coming on your business vacation in Bali and choose to stay around Keramas then you doont have to worry because almost all private villas here offers a business center or at least high speed internet access, printers, faxs and telephones. You can do all your work within your room or pool, the choice is up to you because the private villa is yours during your stay. Keramas beach offer everything for your vacation bliss, Keramas beach is one place you'll be glad you found.

Keramas Villas

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A beach vacation is perfect for everybody who wants to get away from their daily life, who wants to relax and soak some rays. Why spent your days at some park, wating your time in line when you can have a fun day at the beach, swim and do many beach activities. Keramas beach as one of the quieter vacation destination in Bali could offer many things that other destination in Bali lack about.

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About Keramas

about keramas beachKeramas village is located southwest from Gianyar central where this village before was a former court and known for its dancer particularly the operetta "Arja". Keramas village is one of the centers of theather and music in Gianyar regency but lesser known because it located off from tourist path.

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