Underwater Photography in Bali

underwater photography in bali

The island of Bali is one of the favorite vacation destination for photographers. There are many things you can see and many unique things which can be photographed around the island of Bali.

But how if you are love to take underwater photos. Well the island of Bali is also a well known source for diving. The island of Bali has many diving sites where each one of them offer colorful coral reefs and also remarkable marine lifes.

If you love to take underwater photography, visiting the island of Bali and taking part in diving around its dive sites would be the best things you can do. Here are some of the list of what you can expect from some of the diving sites in Bali.

  • Tulamben beach, one of the best diving site and also known among underwater photographer as the best site for macro photography.
  • Secret bay located in west side of Bali, though a bit dirty but this also one of the best place for macro photography
  • Lembongan island. This island is so special as on this spot you can take pictures of Manta Ray and Mola mola.
  • Menjangan island also one of the best diving destination in Bali wher you can take pictures of colorful coral reefs with various kind of marine lifes.

If you want to book diving tours around these sites then find yourself a reputable diving center in Bali then tell them your requirements and they will arrange suitable diving tours for you.

Keramas Villas

villa in keramas

A beach vacation is perfect for everybody who wants to get away from their daily life, who wants to relax and soak some rays. Why spent your days at some park, wating your time in line when you can have a fun day at the beach, swim and do many beach activities. Keramas beach as one of the quieter vacation destination in Bali could offer many things that other destination in Bali lack about.

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About Keramas

about keramas beachKeramas village is located southwest from Gianyar central where this village before was a former court and known for its dancer particularly the operetta "Arja". Keramas village is one of the centers of theather and music in Gianyar regency but lesser known because it located off from tourist path.

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Tips on Bali Tour

tips on bali tour

The island of Bali is so beautiful, full of exotic beauty and completed with modern amenities to make you as a tourist in Bali feel comfortable. Bali is the perfect place to refresh you mind and soul. I you not yet plan your vacation on this coming holiday seasons then why dont you plan your vacation on the island of Bali.

Tips on Bali Tour

Other beach in Bali